Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Review: The Ultimate Folding Phone-Tablet Experience

Experience the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, a revolutionary folding phone tablet that redefines versatility and innovation. While this device comes with a premium price tag, its exceptional features and capabilities make it a true game-changer.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 represents a significant leap forward for the company, especially in light of fierce competition from the Google Pixel series. Priced at £1,749 ($1,799.99/A$2,599), it stands £100 above its predecessor, the impressive Fold 4, and aligns with the premium cost of Google’s counterpart.

These devices transcend the conventional notion of smartphones. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 emerges as a triumphant fusion of PC, tablet, and phone, all elegantly foldable and pocket-friendly. In the world of Android devices, this offering from Samsung stands as the ultimate multi-talented gem.

Design Perfected
The Galaxy Z Fold 5 showcases an evolved design, abandoning the wedge shape of its predecessor. Its flat folding mechanism, akin to the Z Flip 5, presents a significant improvement. The device’s slimmer profile and 10g weight reduction compared to its forerunner contribute to a more comfortable pocket presence. Moreover, the noticeable crease along the screen fold has been diminished, enhancing overall aesthetics.

While still somewhat thicker than a regular phone, the Fold 5 is only marginally heavier than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This feature, coupled with the removal of the gap between its two halves when closed, makes it significantly more portable and lighter than its primary competitor.

A Display Experience Like No Other
The external 6.2-inch display offers sleek visuals, though its narrower design results in a slightly cramped keyboard. Nevertheless, it serves well for quick tasks like messaging and music. The real magic happens with the 7.6-inch internal display, which truly shines when unfolded.

The screen is not only brighter than its predecessor, enabling better outdoor visibility, but it’s also 25% more durable. However, like other folding screens, it necessitates careful handling due to its softer nature compared to traditional tablet glass.

Unmatched Performance
Equipped with Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, alongside 12GB of RAM, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 ranks among the most potent Android devices available. Its capabilities truly shine when multitasking, capable of supporting eight apps simultaneously on-screen.

The battery life has been improved, lasting around 48 hours with a mix of outside and inside screen usage for approximately six hours. This surpasses its predecessor and offers better longevity than most competitors.

Eco-Friendly Focus
The Fold 5 showcases Samsung’s commitment to sustainability. Constructed from recycled materials, it offers a certain degree of repairability. Screen repairs and battery replacements can be facilitated by authorized service centers, and the company even offers a self-repair program.

Software Innovation
Samsung’s One UI 5.1, built upon Android 13, transforms the Fold 5 into a productivity powerhouse. Its split-screen functionality allows for three apps to run simultaneously, making it ideal for multitasking enthusiasts. The foldable also supports the S Pen stylus for note-taking and drawing, setting it apart from other foldable devices.

The software further allows apps to make the most of the screen real estate, eliminating black bars and enhancing user experience. Various customization options, including separate layouts for the outside and inside displays, cater to different usage scenarios.

Photography Excellence
With a comprehensive camera setup, the Fold 5 captures excellent images across various lighting conditions. Its five-camera configuration includes three rear cameras, a standard selfie camera, and a 4MP camera for video calls. While it competes well, it falls slightly short of the Pixel Fold in the camera department.

The Price of Innovation
Priced at £1,749 ($1,799.99/A$2,599), the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s premium cost reflects the cutting-edge technology that enables its folding display. While its price tag might be daunting, its remarkable features and capabilities undoubtedly justify the investment for those seeking the epitome of folding technology.

In Conclusion
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 redefines the boundaries of innovation and functionality. While its high price demands careful consideration, its exceptional performance, remarkable battery life, and unmatched folding display set it in a league of its own. With Samsung’s intuitive software enhancements and commitment to sustainability, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 emerges as the epitome of folding devices, surpassing its competitors in various aspects.